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"The Joy Of Ritual"

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From the Heart Media Television Shows and videos developed by media psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers Gantman, to facilitate personal growth and improve your health and relationships. Straight from the Heart TV
Sheri Meyers Gantman - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Barbara Biziou
Rituals that Feed Your Soul

"Rituals can enhance our daily routines, help us cope with problems, gain insight, and connect us to the sacred in our everyday lives."
Barabara Biziou
Author: The Joy of Ritual

Our ancestors cherished rituals for the experience of connectedness it gave them, to themselves, each other and a higher power. In fact, our lives today, are filled with rituals. A morning cup of coffee, a daily shower, reading the newspaper, Sunday family dinner are some of the rituals we do, often by rote without much consciousness. Yet, these daily actions done with awareness and intention can transform a ordinary routine into a holy act. For example, what if you drink your cup of coffee with the idea ofusing this time for reflection and relaxation, or take a shower with the idea of purification and letting go of negativity. Imagine stopping and taking a moment to bless what you have and everything around you. What a powerful difference that simple deed can make. In our show, Barbara and Sheri discuss:

Ways to re-spirit your home, work space and life.

How to build an altar to focus your vision, attract more abundance, welcome in new family members, create sacred space.

Using objects, colors, scents and textures to facilitate mindfulness.
Simple acts of blessing which take an ordinary moment and make it sacred.
Rituals to release fear and negativity.
Unique ways to honor your birthday and other life passages.

Tune in and learn practical, empowering ways to illuminate the sacred in your life.

Barbara Biziou is a leading expert on 'practical spirituality' and the author of "The Joy of Ritual: Spiritual Recipes to Celebrate Milestones, Ease Transitions and Make Everyday Sacred." Barbara is known for her easy-to-utilize approach to including the sacred in every day life. In her book and on our show, Barbara shows you how incorporate spirituality into your existing lifestyle and shares a multitude of simple and practical rituals which you can immediately apply to enhance your life and refresh your soul.

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