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From the Heart Media Television Shows and videos developed by media psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers Gantman, to facilitate personal growth and improve your health and relationships. Straight from the Heart TV
Sheri Meyers Gantman - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LOVE: Ayurveda Style


Dear Straight from the Hearter,

I always love learning about new ways to look at relationships. Lissa Coffey is one of the first people to team the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda types with relationship dynamics. Understanding always contributes to a healthier relationship with ourselves and each other. Knowing your Ayurveda type is another pathway to awareness and acceptance of yourself and your partner.

Sending you lots of love,


By: Lissa Coffey

Ask anyone and you'll get the same answer: What's the most important thing in life? Love! We want to be in love, and we want that love to last. So how do we go about finding that one person to share our lives with? And how do we live happily ever after with that person once we find him or her?

There are many ways of looking at our compatibility with other people - such as the Mars/Venus theories, and the Love Signs system based on astrology, among others. But long before any of these formulas were even a twinkle in the cosmos, philosophers and scientists in Ancient India devised a system of health care called “Ayurveda” - or “the science of life.” Within this holistic system lies everything we need to know about love.

Ayurveda explains the nature of everything in the universe. It is a compelling way of looking at all of life, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Ayurveda “types” people by “dosha” according to both their physical features and personality traits. Ayurveda tells us how we “tick,” and how we relate to the rest of the world, including the other people in it!

It is impossible to go through this life alone. We all have relationships, people in our lives to interact with. The purpose of those relationships is to help us learn and grow. And more than that, the purpose of any relationship is to help us learn more about ourselves and who we really are.

As important as our relationships are to us, how much time and effort do we really put into them? So often we go about living our lives and expect that another person either fits into that picture or doesn't. But we each have needs, and temperaments, and ideas about how we like things to be. When we better understand ourselves, and each other, we can focus on what is important, and what makes a relationship work.

Once you find out your particular dosha, whether it is Vata, Pitta or Kapha, and the dosha of the person with whom you are in relationship, then you have access to all kinds of information that corresponds to the two of you.

Love is an amazing phenomenon, and the reason that all of us are here. It's worth our study, our attention. Why are we attracted to the people we are attracted to? Why is that we feel as if we “can't help” who we fall in love with? What is the chemistry that draws us to certain people?

We may never figure ourselves out. Or maybe we already have. Maybe the ancient texts are right and all the answers we will ever need are available to us now… we just need to keep learning and growing until we finally “get it.”

One thing's for sure. Finding love and connection is one of the most important - and pleasurable! - things we come here to do. My hope is that Ayurveda, with its ancient Indian secrets for keeping love burning bright, will not only help you in your process of self-discovery but enable you to find and nourish the love matches of your dreams.

Author Lissa Marie Coffey is a lifestyle expert who offers dating and relationship advice. She serves up an inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style. A frequent guest on radio and TV, Lissa’s keen insight into interpersonal and cultural dynamics offers guidance for anyone looking to fill the void in their harried lives. Lisa Marie Coffey is the author of What's Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love. For more info and to take the free online dosha quiz log onto Lissa's website at http://www.whatsyourdosha.com


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