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"Joy is the God with-in you.
Standing up.
Shaking himself off.
And beginning to smile."


Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

We see these words plastered all over the holiday cards we send and receive at Christmas time each year. But, isn’t it also the underlying expectation of most of the holidays we celebrate, the gifts we exchange and the words we write to each other? We want to open our hearts to freely give and receive in JOY-FULLness.

But, ask yourself... "how often do I free myself to truly rejoice?" When you rejoice you allow the feelings of exhilaration and delight to flow through your being and fill you with an ecstatic sense of celebration and aliveness. This is difficult for many of us, because it requires the courage to OPEN UP and really let our spontaneous, natural, unprotected Self OUT to be seen and known. That kind of exposure can feel very scary and vulnerable...so scary in fact, that we sacrifice our sense of aliveness, delight and inner peace for the safety of invulnerability. What a loss that is!

We all need to rejoice, to generously lavish ourselves with exultation. This is the path to inner peace which we need to travel down especially when life is hard; and our journey’s become difficult. No matter how much pain and suffering there is, having a light and open-hearted attitude gives us a perspective that no matter how bad it is, the sun still rises, the stars still shine, the moon will continue to wax and wane.

The potential for joy is enormous. Start first by rejoicing in your own life, about all the things that delight you, that brighten your day, that make your heart glad. Celebrate your victories, big and small....exult in your own achievement. This will prepare you to delightFULLy join with others in their sweet moments of happiness and success. One of the greatest gifts we can give and receive is to celebrate and share in more joy, laughter, splendor, pleasure and fun. Remember, JOY begets more joy. 

So by all means, go ahead and... Rejoice! Rejoice! ReJOYce!


Enthusiasm means "of the Gods."
When you have an enthusiastic heart,
All the heavens can flow through it.

Sonia Choquette


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