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The Woman's Comfort Book:A Self Nurturing Guide for  Restoring Balance in Your Life"
By Jennifer Louden


Develop the Courage, Confidence and Character to Fulfill Your Greatest Potential"
By Cheryl Richardson



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Creating A Comfort and Pleasure List

The Time is Life List

Meditation in Real Life

To Rest Article

Ways to Nututure Others

Finding Inner Peace


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Sheri Meyers Gantman - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Ways to Create Extra Time for Yourself
- Taking Care Of Your Self Series -

In order to take care of yourself you must create the time and have the energy to do so. However, many people I counsel tell me that they are just too exhausted by day's end and don't have a drop of energy leftover to take care of themselves. Can you relate? Would you like to know how to get out of this exhaustion quagmire? The first step is to eliminate as many distractions, interruptions, and energy drainers as possible. The distractions many of us turn to in order to relax, such as TV, telephone or computer actually drain us and definitely don't replenish us. In order to live a high-quality life, we need to replenish our resources daily. Here are just a few of the normal daily energy drainers that distract us from self-care and some EASY ways to create a little more room in your life for self-replenishing.


Let answering machine or voice mail answer your calls.

Practice getting off the phone with people who won*t shut up. 
"I'm really glad you called but I can't talk." Try not to make excuses.

Leave the house so you can't hear the phone and leave your cell phone off.
Set up phone hours and tell your friends that is when you 
will be available.
Turn off the ringer.
Choose what you watch on TV. When the program is over, immediately turn it off.
Give your TV away.
Turn off your computer at a set time every day.
Turn off the information overload. You don't have to read 
every newspaper, magazine, and book out there. You don't 
have to listen to the news every night.



Let housework go. Try not to use cleaning and straightening as a way to stay busy and avoid nurturing yourself.

Enlist help. If you are married or live with someone, divide  up the work. For example, you clean, do laundry, and take care of the dog. Your partner can cook, shop, takes out the garbage. Whatever the specifics, work it out.

Hire a cleaning person once a month, even if you have to give something up in order to have the money to do it.
Don’t do housework, or any other tedious work, during your peak times.
Consolidate your errands.
Let your fingers do the walking. Do everything you can on the phone.
Deal with procrastination. Take one item at a time and just do it.
Ask for help
And finally, regularly query yourself, "Is this how I choose to spend my time?"


Now What?
Here are some follow-up activities.

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Redefining Your Priorities

Blessings and love,


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