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"The Woman's Comfort Book:A Self Nurturing Guide for  Restoring Balance in Your Life"
By Jennifer Louden

Stand Up For Your Life:
Develop the Courage, Confidence and Character to Fulfill Your Greatest Potential"
By Cheryl Richardson


"Taking Charge of
Your Life"

"Cheryl Richardson

Just Breathe!
Diana Lang

"The Spiritual Laws of Yoga"
Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"Sensuous Meditation"
Camille Maureen &
Lorin Roche

"Yoga for Everyday Use"
Diana Lang

"Simply Relaxing"
Fred Miller

"A Day of Rest"
Wayne Muller

"Rituals That Feed
Your Soul"

Barbara Biziou

"Meditation Made
Real Easy"

Lorin Roche

"Creating Joy"
Suzanne Falter Barns



The Time Is Life List

Creating Extra Time

To Time Article

To Meditation Article

To Rest Article

Ways to Nututure

Finding Inner Peace

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From the Heart Media Television Shows and videos developed by media psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers Gantman, to facilitate personal growth and improve your health and relationships. Straight from the Heart TV
Sheri Meyers Gantman - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Creating a Comfort List & Pleasure Program
- Taking Care Of Your Self Series -

In our work centered culture, too many of us look towards work for the meaning and fullfillment we desire. It's time to remember that your life is not only about your work. We have to learn how to de-program our "on alert" status which ultimately leads to burnout. Knowing how to comfort yourself is self-empowering and also fortifies the SELF to deal with whatever life hands you. Self-nurturing is the courage to pay attention to your needs, a way to applaud your aliveness. Daily comfort and pleasure gives you the premium fuel you need to support your daily lifestyle. So let's begin. Take out your journal or a notepad and create your Comfort List. Instructions are below:

The Comfort List:

Dream up a list of pleasurable activities you would love to do.Write these bliss-inspiring ideas in a comfort journal. Think of pleasures that encompass each area of your life:
and spiritual.
What are you not doing that you wish you were?
What is missing in your life? 
Make your list varied in terms of time requirements:
activities you can do in...
  a few minutes, 
  an hour, 
  a half day, 
  a day , 
  even two days. 

Your list does not have to be made up entirely of solitary 
pleasures, but some activities you should do alone just to insure 
you aren't basing your bliss on some else's desires. Try to come 
up with at least twenty pleasures. This will give you variety.

Examples of Everyday Pleasures that Fuel Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Listening to Your Favorite Music
Remember 6 of your favorite songs and performers and then play their music in the car and at home.

Fuel Your Body
Caring for your body is essential to living a high-quality life.
Go for a Walk
Take 5 nice, slow, deep breaths.
Get a good night's sleep
Get a massage.
Take a candlelit bath.
  Choose a Fun Exercise-try something new.


Lifting Your Spirits With Laughter
A good belly laugh does the body good!
Get together with friends who make you laugh
Read a funny book
See a comedy show
Rent a funny video

Doing Something Wild and Extravagent
Fuel yourself by doing something outrageous
Buy yourself a bunches of glorious flowers and put them all over your home or office
Buy yourself a set silk sheets or silk lingerie
Wear a bold color you've never worn before
Let your imagination run wild

Doing Something Different and New
Take a dance class
Learn a new hobby
Visit spiritual places in your city
Develop a new relaxation practice
Do something you've always wanted to do!

The Pleasure Program

Okay. Now that you've completed your list. Whip out your calendar and open it to tomorrow. Place your pleasure list next to your calendar. Now on each and every day, schedule two pleasurable activities. Keep an eye out for balance.  Choose activities that are DO-ABLE. For example:


Talk to my best friend
Go for a walk


Meditate for fifteen minutes
Watch a movie with friends


Attend a yoga class


Go to library and find books on what interests me.
Get a massage.


Go to the museum during my lunch hour.
Put on music and do spontaneous exercise for 
twenty minutes.
Have a nice dinner with my lover.

Notice that you can schedule more than 2!!!

When you fuel your body, mind and spirit, life takes on a magical quality. You are able to handle life's difficulties with so much more grace and ease.

Blessings and love,

(Adapted From "The Woman’s Comfort Book A Self Nurturing Guide for  Restoring Balance in Your Life " by Jennifer Louden) MORE INFO / PURCHASE


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