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Chatting or Cheating Is the Step-by-Step, Complete Guide to Detecting an Affair, Confronting Your Partner, and Restoring and Rebuilding Love and Trust After Infidelity

Start affair-proofing your relationship now!

Infidelity and Emotional Sex: How to Tell if You're Chatting or Cheating

Read more about it on the Huffington Post!

Chatting or Cheating? How to Tell

Read more about it on GalTime!

Throughout the year,
Dr Sheri appears as an relationship expert on various network television shows. Here are a few of her favorites....


4 Tips for Adding More Zing to your relationship
(KTLA Morning News)
Watch Video


Wondering if you should go back to an old flame?

"From Breaking Up to Making Up"
KTLA Morning News)
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What you put your focus on, grows." This is a good time to focus on love.

Making Your Relationship Last
(KCal 9 News)
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Dating and Mating

Are You Dating
Mr./Ms. Wrong?
(ABC News)
Watch Video

Click here to take the
Mr/Ms Wrong test for yourself

How to Take Your Man from Snarling to Darling
(The Other Half)
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Avoid Valentine's Day Letdown
The Valentine Effect
(KCal & CBS News)
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Middle Age Crisis
KCAL News Report

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From the Heart Media Television Shows and videos developed by media psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers, to facilitate personal growth and improve your health and relationships. Straight from the Heart TV
Sheri Meyers - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist





What's your relationship style?
Discover if you are a
Yearner or Protector!

Take this Test!

Want to Learn More About Yearners & Protectors?

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Hello and Welcome to
Straight from the Heart and DrSheri.com,

Iím your host,
Dr. Sheri Meyers, and it is my pleasure to share with you the best of whatís available in the fields of personal development, self-help, health and relationship enhancement. 

On this site, youíll find video excerpts from my TV shows, guest appearances along with video answers to your most pressing concerns about relationships, communication, love, sex, and infidelity. This site is designed to be of service to you.

As you browse this site, you'll find inspiring articles and wisdom from many sources that inform, invigorate, and movtivate. I've also created a book store which has links to my favorite books for you to enjoy.

What is Straight From the Heart?

It is a weekly television talk show
about enriching your life, bettering your relationships and honoring the miracle of YOU.

My guests are well-known authors, artists, doctors, psychologists and mystics who give you practical hands-on tools to create more aliveness, passion, harmony and love in your life and relationships.

What is From the Heart Media?

Since it's inception in 2000, From the Heart Media soul focus is to create programming that informs, invigorates, heals and uplifts.

Our Book Store
On your tour, be sure to visit our comprehensive
Book Store and easy access links to Amazon.com. You'll find really great books that I highly recommend on a myriad of topics. I've made it easy. You can find books by category or by author. Definitely check it out!


All you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask....

Stop Infidelity in its Tracks

Chatting or Cheating Is the Step-by-Step, Complete Guide to Detecting an Affair, Confronting Your Partner, and Restoring and Rebuilding Love and Trust After Infidelity

Start affair-proofing your relationship now!

Barnes and Noble Amazon.com

Do you have any questions about love, sex or infidelity?
Over the last 11 years, my Ask Dr. Sheri column has received thousands of letters from my web visitors. Many, I sadly admit I didn't have a chance to personally answer online. Recently, I got together with the wonderful people at Videojug.com and together we created video answers to over a hundred of your most frequently asked questions and daunting challenges in the relationship arena.
I am proud to share a number of these videos with you today.
Just click on the question or concern BELOW and you will link to the video answer.

Is it true that Disagreements can be helpful?

Communication: How can I get my partner to listen to me?

How Can I Deal With My Jealousy and other Common Marital Problems

Dealing with troublesome IN-LAWS

How can my partner and I deal with our anger?


Wishing you love and great joy
Straight from my Heart


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