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From the Heart Media Television Shows and videos developed by media psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers, to facilitate personal growth and improve your health and relationships. Straight from the Heart TV
Sheri Meyers - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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Guest: Christopher Vogler
Find out what the Hero, Mentor, Threshold Guardian, Shapeshifter and Shadow all have in common and how their themes run through your life, psyche, and most major story lines.  (MORE)

Creating Joy
Guest: Suzanne Falter-Barns
Joy is the result of living your dreams. How much joy can you stand? Hands on exercises to put you on track to obtaining your goals, unblocking your creative energies and overcoming your obstacles so you can live your dreams. (MORE)

Creating A Soul Mandala   Video Sample
Guest: Paul Heussenstamm
The mandala opens the doorway to the center of your soul. Learn step-by-step how to paint your very own. (MORE)

Getting Published, Getting Produced!
Guest: Peter Miller
Literary SuperAgent and Film Producer gives nuts and bolts advice about selling your writing.

Singing YOUR Song
Guest: Monty Turner
Is there a singer in you that wants to get out? In this show you’ll hear some original music performed and learn how to release your voice and let out the unique song of your heart.

The Writer’s Journey 
Guest: Christopher Vogler
Underlying almost every great story, myth and movie plot lies the Hero’s Journey. Find out what it is, how it reflects our own lives and ways to incorporate its secrets and design principles into structuring your great stories. A must see for all writers! (MORE)

The Writing Life
Guest: Barbara Abercrombie
It's time to turn the messy, crazy, sad, and wonderful stuff of your life and in your head into a piece of writing that has order, clarity, and meaning. Learn about fun exercises to embolden the writer in you, as well as, practical 'nuts and bolts' advice for working writing into your everyday life, editing, giving and receiving feedback, and getting your work published. (MORE)

Unblocking Your Blocks
Guest: Caroline Sharp
Listen up Writers. Stretch those creativity muscles! Daily exercises you can do to jump-start your imagination, move through your fears and get those creative juices flowing. (MORE)

Unleashing Your Creativity  Video Sample
Guest: Julia Cameron
We can all be creative wonders! Learn easy ways to liberate and cultivate the creative force within you. (MORE)

Aging Gracefully
Guest: Joan Kenley, Ph.D.
How do we make the quality of life the best it can be? Preparing for a long and healthy life takes consciousness and self-advocacy. Sensible and straightforward tips on how to take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Balance Your Body's Energies
Guests: Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.
Learn how energy medicine can be used to improve your health, change your behavior and thought-patterns, and give you a greater enjoyment of life. Donna and David demonstrate some simple techniques you can immediately apply to enhance your physical and emotional health, healing and vitality.(MORE)

Comfort for Your Mind, Body and Spirit
Guest: Patricia Alexander & Michael Burgos
Stressed out? Simple and instant things that you can do to soothe, cheer and bring more comfort into your life starting today.

Coping with Anxiety and Stress
Guest: Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.
Anxiety, stress and worry are all afflictions of life in the modern world. Using techniques from the field of energy medicine and psychology you can learn important actions that you can take to overcome the symptoms of anxiety and stress right NOW. (MORE)

Feeling Good Naked
Guest: Laure Redmond
Are you happy with the way you feel and look? Find out about the 10 No-Diet Secrets to shedding pounds naturally while building your body-esteem. (MORE)

Healing with Energy Medicine
Guest: Donna Eden
There is a well spring of innate healing potential within you. Learn about meridians, pressure points and practical techniques you can apply to stimulate your physical vitality and emotional well being. (MORE)

Instant Emotional Healing
Guest: Peter Lambrou, Ph.D.
Imagine a psychological technique that heals fears, deep-seated emotional pain and long-term negative habits virtually instantly, without a therapist. Learn simple procedures that you can apply right now to eliminate unproductive distress and improve your well-being instantaneously. (MORE)

New Insights into ADD
Guest: Daniel Amen, M.D.
NueroPsychiatrist, Dr Daniel Amen, a leader in the field of nuclear brain imaging has discovered that there are six types of attention deficit disorder, each with its own distinctive brain dysfunctions and treatments. Tune in to gain new understanding about how recognize and effectively treat each of the six types of ADD. (MORE)

Preventing Alzheimer's
Guest: Daniel Amen, M.D.
Alzheimer's disease begins an average of 30 years before the first symptoms appear. Utilizing prevention strategies, you may be able to delay the onset of the disease long enough so that you will never have symptoms. No matter how old you are, taking good care of yourself and your brain's health is the key. Tune in to learn how to recognize and reduce YOUR risk. (MORE)

Sacred Healing, Sacred Dying
Guests: Laura Jensen Walker & Suzane Piela
Cancer...surviving in style, healing through it, taking care of others, dealing with loss and understanding the blessings and lessons that these challenges provide. (MORE)

Guest: Elizabeth DeVries Ridgeway
Do we really have the power to heal ourselves and each other? Find out what Reiki is and what it feels like to participate in a healing, as giver and receiver.

The Brain-Soul Connection
Guest: Dr. Daniel Amen
How your brain functions impacts your behavior, feelings, life choices and spirituality. As you heal your brain, you can change your life. Tune in and find out what you can to enhance your intimacy, fight depression and optimize your spiritual growth. (MORE)

The Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Guest: Dr.Deepak Chopra
Yoga serves and nourishes us at every level of our being and spontaneously contributes to greater well being in all domains of life. Tune in to hear the wonderful Dr. Deepak Chopra share his wisdom, insights and practical applications to healing your mind, body and spirit. (MORE)

"The Zone" Made Simple
Guest: Barry Sears, Ph.D.
Millions of people worldwide have discovered the power of the Zone. A breakthrough approach to dieting based on Nobel Prize-winning scientific research, the Zone treats food as the most powerful drug available. Used wisely, food will take you into the Zone, a state that leads to exceptional health. On our show, Dr. Sears discusses easy and delicious ways to apply the Zone diet to your life. Living within the Zone is not only do-able, it's easy to incorporate and the benefits are great. (MORE)

Verbal First Aid
Guest: Judith Simon Prager, Ph.D.
A revolutionary method of using the power of words to promote healing, relieve pain, calm anxiety and even save lives in a crisis situation. (MORE)

Yoga For Everyday Use
Guest: Diana Lang
Easy-to-follow demonstrations of how to apply the healing rewards of YOGA in the morning and evening to alleviate stress and bring balance to your life. (MORE)

Are you Psychic?
Guest: Andrei Ridgeway
Most people think of psychic power as a talent that only a few people possess. Not true. Learn easy ways to wake up to your own innate psychic intuition.

Astrology 101
Guest: Elizabeth Devries Ridgeway
Learn some of the basic language and concepts of astrology and how it can affect your life patterns and daily choices

Chakras & Rhythms
Guest: Donna Eden 
There are seven major chakras (energy centers) in your body, each regulating a distinct aspect of your physical, psychological and spiritual well being. Learn simple ways to work with your chakras to right imbalances, activate energy and create integration and wholeness within yourself. (MORE)

Inside a Psychic's Mind
Guest: Andrei Ridgeway
In this candid interview with author and intuitive counselor, Andrei Ridgeway, you will hear firsthand what it is like to live as a psychic , in the modern world. You will also learn special methods for remaining centered in the rush of empathic feeling, how to not let your sensitivity get the best of you, what to do to enhance your intuitive powers, and how to perform quick Tarot readings for you and your friends. (MORE)

Listening to the Oracle
Guest: Dianne Skafte, Ph.D.
Just like the mystics, you too can receive guidance and wisdom from the signs and symbols all around you.

Mystical Moments
Guest: Arielle Ford
Inspirational stories of divine guidance, soulmate meetings, angelic rescues, spiritual healings, miracles and more.


Guest: Sam Christensen
Do we all have Charisma? Ways to define your own personal essence and appeal. (MORE)

Guest: Connie Kaplan
There are insights hidden in your dreams, insights that can transform your life. How to begin to unlock the door to understanding of what your dreams really mean.

Emotional Literacy
Guest: Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.
For many of us, our emotions are like a foreign language, they just don't make sense. Learn how to identify, accept and communicate your feelings more effectively.

Fearlessly Feminine
Guest: Mary Ann Halpin
Our show is about approaching aging and change gracefully, with acceptance and courage. To be self-nurturing instead of critical. To empower yourself to live a life of 'reinvention,' and passion. Yes, it's time to recognize and celebrate the beautiful Goddess that you already are.

How To Raise Your Self-Esteem
Guest: Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.
What you think, believe and tell yourself greatly influences how you feel and behave in life. Self-esteem, high or low, tends to be a generator of self fulfilling prophecies. Learn six action-based practices which can help you expand your capacity for success, happiness and love. (MORE)

Just Breathe!
Guest: Diana Lang
Meditation is a process, a discipline, an art and a practice that teaches you to trust yourself and to literally come HOME within yourself. When meditating you enter a place in yourself that is sacred, free, and unlimited. The good news is that it's EASY to do and just a breath away!   (MORE)

Living in the NOW
Guest: Richard Moss, M.D.
When you're not in the present, where do you go? Usually, without realizing it, our thoughts take us to the past or forward to the future, which disconnects us from living right now. On our show, you'll learn to use a simple diagram called a mandala, as an always-available compass, to direct you back to your true self.....right now.  

Positive Persuasion
Guest: Joel Bauer
Get ready to launch Brand YOU. Learn how to 'brand' and present yourself in a dynamic, unforgettable way, so that you leave a personal signature on everything you do and with everyone you meet. (MORE)

Rules for Being Human
Guest: Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.
10 universal truths (that we inherently know but have forgotten) that form the foundation of how to live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Saying "NO" Without Feeling Guilty
Guest: Patti Breitman
Do you ever find yourself saying "YES, I'll do it" while inside you are screaming "NO, go away!"? This show is about giving you the basic tools you'll need to say "NO" with skill and sensitivity in a wide variety of situations. By saying "NO" more often, you'll have more time available to say "YES" to what matters most to you. (MORE)

Sensuous Meditation
Guests: Camille Maurine & Lorin Roche, Ph.D.
Meditation isn't just a time out, it's a time in. It is an opportunity to come home to your body, to your own nature, to the richness of your senses. And, the good news is that it can be achieved in moments, by cultivating a sense of pleasure in doing what you already love to do. (MORE)

Seven Steps To Inner Power
Guest: Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
How to gain mastery and success in all areas of your life.

The Art of Happiness
Guest: Jean Marie Hamel, Ph.D.
Your dream of greater fullfillment can become a reality. In order to find a true sense of connection and happiness, you need to look beyond the limitations you've created and celebrate and live from who you really are on the inside. (MORE)

The Enneagram
Guests: Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson
Which personality type are you? Using the Enneagram you can gain insight into what really makes you tick and use this knowledge for healing, growth and transformation.

The Pleasure Zone
Guest: Stella Resnick, Ph.D.
There is an enormous untapped potential for joy in everyone of us. Ways to cultivate more pleasure in your life.

The Purpose of Your Life
Guest: Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.
Are you living your true calling? How to become aware of and appreciate the fullness of who you are and what you are here to do.

The Men's Guide to Dressing for Success
Guests: Steve Brinkman & Glenn Laiken
Hey guys, what you wear matters! People judge you by your appearance, usually within seconds of meeting you. It is critical to put your best foot forward, particularly in business situations. On our program, Steve and Glenn show you how to put together the perfect outfits for business and social situations. Also, you'll see two makeovers that clearly demonstrate what a difference dressing to your color and body type can make.

Taking Flight
Guest: Sam Keen
Sam shares his reflections and experiences on the trapeze as a metaphor for addressing issues of fear, trust, holding on and letting go and finding your passionate expression in life. (MORE)


A Life of Joy
Guest: Salle Merrill Redfield
We are all capable of spending a lot more time being joy-filled. Yet, many of us unconsciously fall into 'control dramas' when we become fearful in order to win attention and feel better about ourselves. These relational patterns rob us of love and joy. Find out about the different dramas and ways to stop playing the game.

Angry Relationships: Putting the Fire Out
Guest: John Rifkin, Ph.D.
Every human being experiences anger. We all know how anger can hurt a relationship but did you know that there are ways to turn anger around to heal a relationship? Tune in to find out how you can "stop, drop and roll" to put the fire out and heal your conflicts.

A Roadmap to Intimacy
Guest: Lynn Ianni, Ph.D.
Would you like to learn how to take your relationship deeper? Find out about the 4 stages of intimacy all relationships go through, the challenges we all face and how to move past them in order to create a safer, deeper, more sustainable relationship with your partner. (MORE)

Being A Soulmate
Guest: Raina Paris
Looking for your soulmate? First you have to mate with your own soul. Through the "Inner Wedding" learn how to prepare for the union of your dreams.

Breaking Up Without Breaking Down
Guests: Rob Kaufman, L.C.S.W. & Gelene Weiner, M.F.C.T.
Be a survivor! Discover new ways to cope with all the feelings and changes that come from separation.

Coming Apart
Guest: Daphne Rose Kingma
There are emotional stages we all go through in the process of parting. Knowing the road map makes the journey a little easier. (MORE)

Conscious Intimacy
Guest: Mark Robert Waldman
Imagine a dialogue with a friend or lover where you are able to share who you truly are, from the deepest places inside you... Sound intriguing?

Create A Great Relationship
Guest: Mark Goulston M.D.
Valuable tools and indispensable insights for reviving intimacy and strengthening your commitment to grow together in love. 

Creative Solutions for Handling Difficult Relatives
Guest: Leonard Felder, Ph.D.
You may not be able to change your annoying or difficult relative's behavior or attitude, but you can definitely change how you respond to them. Straightforward, humorous, and easy-to-follow advice on how to keep your cool and dramatically change how you react to the predictable stressors at your family gatherings. (MORE)

Dating and the Brain
Guest: Daniel Amen, M.D.
When we first fall in love or after having sex, there are bonding hormones released that create a state of euphoria. Often we overlook the warning signs that point to trouble ahead. It's important to use your brain before you give away your heart. Brain health and brain illness have a powerful effect on your sex life and your relationship. (MORE)

Discovering Your Love Dosha
Guest: Lissa Coffey
Knowing yourself and understanding others are two keys to making any relationship work. Learn about the dominant mind-body characteristics of Ayurveda 'types' and how to apply this timeless wisdom to enhance your self acceptance and compatibility with others. (MORE)

Divorce - The Ins and Outs
Guest: Mort Gantman, Attorney-at-Law
Find out what happens during the legal process and how to handle the emotional issues and changes that occur in the family.

Energy Vampires and Other Life Drainers
Guest: Judith Orloff, M.D.
Each of us radiates a palpable energy. Whenever we interact with another, an exchange occurs. Some people uplift and energize us while others leave us feeling drained and exhausted. These people, my guest, Judith Orloff calls, "energy vampires." Find out about the common types of these life-force leechers and what you can do about them. (MORE)

From Longing to Belonging
Guest: Arthur Jeon
Most people treat love as a noun, as a 'thing' that can be felt, bartered, given, withheld, sought after, attained and lost from a 'love supplier.' This leaves us yearning for love outside ourselves. But our true nature is love. By treating love as a verb, we stop seeking it, and learn to BE it. (MORE)

Illuminating Your Shadow
Guest: Connie Zweig, Ph.D.
Your shadow is your blind spot, the parts of yourself that you cannot see. Often where your buttons are getting pushed is your shadow calling. That's why our relationships are the greatest mirrors in which we project and see our shadows reflected. Many of the repetitive fights we have with our partner has more to do with our disowned shadow than we may realize. When you can reexamine relationships from romance to marriage in the context of the shadow's hidden needs, you can move from shadow-boxing with the Other to shadow-dancing with the Beloved.   (MORE)

Introverts & Extroverts
Guest: Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D.
Are you an innie or an outie? Learn the advantages and challenges of these two temperment types and special communication tactics to help you better relate to the innie or outie you love. (MORE)

Is He For Real?
Guest: Wendy Walsh
Listen up ladies! On the brink of starting a new romance? Give your boyfriend candidate this test to evaluate his potential BEFORE you give him your heart! 

Living in Love
Guest: Gary Quinn
Often, LOVE is at the core of all that we seek. It's time to live and be your heart's true desire. Learn some easy and practical tools that can help you transport your life from ordinary to extraordinarily alive and fulfilling.

Living Love, Releasing Fear
Guest: Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.
Although most of us say Love is what we want, we often find ourselves stuck in the fears that block our love. Author of "Love is Letting Go of Fear" discusses how we move beyond the constrictions of our fears and experience the total freedom love can bring.  (MORE

Love Fitness: Creating Greater Intimacy
Guest: Harold Bloomfield, M.D.
Often in relationships, we allow ourselves to get emotionally flabby and don’t work as hard as we could to maintain intimacy. This show is about teaching you practical strategies and simple love fitness exercises that can help you heal and prevent problems and move your relationship towards greater intimacy and passion.  (MORE)

Love Him, Stay Yourself
Guest: Beverly Engel
Do you tend to give up important parts of your SELF when you become involved in a relationship? Learn how to stop disappearing and start loving another without losing YOU.

Love Types
Guest: Daphne Rose Kingma
How do I love thee? Why do we choose the people we do? You can determine your "love disposition" by finding out which of the nine personality categories you fall into. (MORE)

Loving Without Fear
Guest: Rhonda Britten
When it comes to love, most people don't realize what they are feeling and doing is based on fear. Learn tools that can help you better date, find a mate and relate to those you love.  (MORE)

Making Love Divine
Guest: Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.
To create a more harmonious and lasting relationship with another, you first have to develop a healthy, integrated relationship with yourself. When you treat yourself with respect and loving kindness and let yourself BE, it will be easier to allow your partner to BE. Working through the differences in an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion can truly make love divine! (MORE)

Mending Your Broken Heart
Guests: Sarah La Saulle, Ph.D. & Sharon Kagan, M.F.A.
Are you having difficulty letting go of a romantic relationship? On our show, we divide the mourning process into four distinct seasons and give you clear cut ways to move through the emotional seasons of letting go so that you can be truly free to love again. (MORE)

Mother Mysteries
Guest: Maren Tonder Hansen
In the process of creating life, profound psychological, emotional and spiritual transformations occur that change a woman from maiden into mother.

My Dad
Featuring: Hal Meyers
This is a personal and universal story of fatherhood, recognizing the important part our father's play in our lives. You will meet my dad, as seen through the eyes of his wife, his grandchildren and his daughter (me). 

Rules for Loving
Guest: Cherie Carter Scott, Ph.D.
Some basic truths about finding love, self-loving, building intimacy and maintaining a long-lasting, authentic relationship. (MORE)

Self Esteem and Love
Guest: Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.
There is no greater barrier to romantic happiness or a fulfilling relationship than the fear that I am undeserving of love. When our self esteem is low, we tend to see others as sources of approval or disapproval. It's time to turn the illusion of deficiency into feeling an emotional surplus of worth and value. Find out how. (MORE)

Simply Loving
Guest: Janet Luhrs
Imagine your life filled with less noise and chaos, fewer errands and more time for caring, creativity, sensuality and LOVE. How different your relationships would feel! Simple, easy strategies for creating and nurturing intimacy and deeper, more passionate relationships in your life. (MORE)

Guest: Carolyn Miller, Ph.D.
What makes a soulmate relationship different from other relationships? Is there only ONE right "meant- to-be" partner for us? Stories and videos of real couples who share their soulmate experiences. Learn their secrets and actualize your own!

Strengthening the Over-Sensitive Heart
Guest: Debra Mandel, Ph.D.
People with over-sensitive hearts tend to doubt themselves, become trapped in toxic emotional patterns, personalize everything and continually draw into their lives unfulfilling relationships. But, take heart, help is on the way. On our show you'll learn ways to finally stop the hurt, build on your inner strengths and create a healthy-hearted mentality. (MORE)

Talking it Out 
Guest: Donna Goodman, M.F.T.
Avoid the normal pitfalls of "bad" communication that usually push others away. Learn effective techniques which can help you to say what you want, need and feel in a constructive, caring way. (MORE)

The Challenge and Beauty of Romantic Love
Guest: Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.
Contrary to the cliché that 'love is blind," love blossoms in an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance as well as through remaining actively visible (not blind) to each other. Whatever stage your relationship is in, this show can help you to better understand what it takes to truly make a loving relationship flourish. (MORE)

The Future of Love
Guest: Daphne Rose Kingma
Understanding the higher calling of Soul can move you through the power struggles and emotional separations into deeper love and commitment. (MORE)

The Intuitive Path to Love
Guest: Andrei Ridgeway
The most important area of our life to be intuitive is within our relationships. Learn new ways of 'knowing' how to deepen your bond with another in the most soulful manner. (MORE)

The Princess Formula
Guest: Donna Spangler
Girls, are you looking to move your relationship status from "Once Upon a Time" to "Happily Ever After"? Do you desire a Prince who will love, honor and adore you? Learn to develop and celebrate your 'Inner Princess' to land the Prince of your dreams.

The Psychology of Romantic Love
Guest: Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.
When we first fall in love, many of our basic needs for companionship, nurturing, visibility and sexual fulfillment feel gratified. How do we carry this satisfaction into a long-term relationship? Learn the secrets of maintaining the vitality of this passionate spiritual-emotional-sexual attachment over time. (MORE)

What is Real Love?
Guest: Bruce Brander
We think about, talk about, dream about, and sing about love. We search for it, yearning, hoping, longing for lasting bliss. Yet, many of us have not learned how to make our love succeed. In order to grow better relationships we need to move to we-centered love and become sweeter, kinder, more giving people in our lives. (MORE)

Why Children Misbehave
Guest: Donna Goodman, M.F.T.
Would you believe that your child’s misbehavior has underlying goals? Find out what they are and what you can do about them.

Yearners & Protectors (Video Samples) 
Guest: Donna Goodman, M.F.T.
Which are you? See how easy it is to fall into patterns that block intimacy and what you can do to get the loving relationship you really want. (MORE)

Your Love Colors
Guest: Pamala Oslie
Your aura, the field of energy that surrounds each of us, contains important and fascinating clues to your own and your mate's personality. There are many different Love Color combinations, some are more compatible than others. Our show will help you determine your own personal aura colors and the best personality fit for you. (MORE)

Aphrodisiacs and Love Potions
Guest: Cynthia M. Watson, M.D.
Up-to-date information about foods, exercises, accupressure points, vitamins, herbs and remedies that can enhance your vitality, stimulate desire, and prolong sexual pleasure. (MORE)

Get Out of Your Sexual Rut!
Guest: Felice Dunas, Ph.D.
Has your sex life fallen into mundane, ho-hum patterns? It's time to bring more excitement and intimacy back to your relationship and life. Tune in and find out how. (MORE)

Great Sex!
Guest: Stella Resnick, Ph.D.
Yes, you can have a deeply gratifying sex life! Learn how to avoid routine and build your arousal to new heights.

Keeping Your Heart On
Guest: Jordan Paul, Ph.D.
How easy is it for you to have an honest sex talk with your partner? Learn new verbal and heart centered skills for deepening your intimacy and increasing your sexual pleasure. (MORE)

Passion Play
Guest: Felice Dunas, Ph.D.
Ancient secrets for a lifetime of health and happiness through sensational sex. (MORE)

Sacred Love-Making
Guest: Karinna Kittles-Karsten
Are you ready to open up to profound intimacy in your relationship? This show is about moving from good love to great love, from okay sex to sexual bliss. Learn to become a sexual alchemist. Tune IN and find out how.

Sex on the Brain
Guest: Daniel Amen, M.D.
Did you know that the brain is the largest sex organ in the body? According to Neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen, the path to genuine intimacy and great sex is not body to body, but brain to brain. We've been looking for love in all the wrong places! Tune in to discover great ways to enhance your sex and love life. (MORE)

Sexual Radiance
Guest: Susan Taylor, Ph.D.
Utilizing good nutrition, exercise and breath work as a natural sexual "Viagra" and pathway to greater vitality.

The Art of Seduction
Guest: Felice Dunas, Ph.D.
Discover the Yin & Yang of seduction and foreplay techniques and how to maximize your body’s potential for pleasure, vitality and healing. (MORE)

Transcendent Sex
Guest: Jenny Wade, Ph.D.
What could be better than sex? A new study on sex and spirituality suggests that lovemaking can be the most widely available path to higher consciousness and can sweep people into new realities that produces altered states a thousand times more powerful than the most earth-shattering orgasm. (MORE)

A Day of Rest
Guest: Wayne Muller
Do you feel busy, overworked and stressed? Well, the way to renewal and a sense of calm is near at hand. It is called taking a Sabbath break...a special time each week set aside for rejuvenation of heart and spirit. Learn practical, edible and sexy ways to incorporate this practice into your daily life. (MORE)

A Home For The Soul
Guest: Anthony Lawlor, AIA
The haven your soul seeks is close at hand. Learn how to transform an ordinary house or apartment into an environment that renews your mind, body and SPIRIT.

Robert Gass
Chant is not just a obscure musical ritual, it is a powerful tool you can use to heal your body, quiet your mind and bring the sacred into your life. Tune in and learn creative techniques you can immediately apply anytime, anywhere.

Ceremonies & Personal Rituals
Guest: Rabbi Debra Orenstein
Ceremonies you can create to honor your life passages and personal milestones.

Embracing Emptiness
Guest: Mark Epstein, M.D.
How can we be with our feelings of emptiness without rushing to change them? Lessons from Buddhism and Psychotherapy. (MORE)

God Is A Verb
Guest: Rabbi David A. Cooper
Secrets of the mystical Kabbalah are finally being revealed. See how you can apply these wisdom teachings to your daily life. (MORE)

Guest: Elizabeth Jenkins
Elizabeth tells of her spiritual adventures in the Andes and the sacred practices she experienced.

Making the Transition Easier
Guest: Samantha Clemens-Lewis
Tips on how to take care of yourself while care-giving others and how you can help a loved one transition to the "other side."

Memoir of a Zen Rabbi
Guest: Rabbi Alan Lew
How do we best handle change? Are there ways to facilitate our letting go and entering the flow? Rabbi Lew shares his knowledge and life experience of both Eastern and Western ways of looking at ourselves and living in a world that is constantly changing.

On The Path To Enlightenment
Guest: Rabbi David A. Cooper
Do you feel like your soul is drowning in a sea of commitments and responsibilities? There are clear and simple things you can do to enliven your spirit. (MORE)

Opening Your Soul
Guest: Paul Heussenstamm
A Soul Mandala Artist shows you how to open your inner eyes and ears to experience the language of the Soul. (MORE)

Practical Buddhism
Guest: Lama Surya Das
The key to building a spiritual life is living a spiritual life. Practical things you can do daily to awaken the sacred in your everyday life. (MORE)

Rituals That Feed Your Soul
Guest: Barbara Biziou
Spiritual recipes to celebrate milestones, ease transitions, create abundance and make every day sacred.

Roots to Heaven
Guest: Rabbi Tirzah Firestone
As we search for spiritual fulfillment we sometimes lose our connection to our own traditions. How to embrace our roots with a revitalized heart and renewed passion.

The Feminine Journey
Guest: Maren Tonder Hansen
A woman’s experience as she creates life is like a mythic journey into the mysteries of transformation.

The Ten Challenges of Daily Life
Guest: Len Felder, Ph.D.
How you can meet these challenges and bring meaning and richness into each day of your life.

The Ways of Wisdom
Guest: Sage Bennet, Ph.D.
No matter what your religion, every spiritual tradition has practices that you can apply to enrich and uplift your daily lives. On our show, we discuss easy-to-do wisdom practices from seven major traditions and demonstrate how to apply these practices to your life.

Beyond Pain
Guest: Joan Gattuso
Yes, there is suffering in life, but there is also a way through it. How to transform "Woe is me" into "I’m the most blessed person on this planet!"

Dying to be Reborn
Guest: Rabbi Ted Falcon, Ph.D.
If you could live your life over what would you like to do differently? Experience a process that helps you recognize and redefine your soul’s contract.

Emotional Power Skills
Guest: Darlene Mininni, Ph.D.
Feeling stuck in a bad mood? Overwhelmed by your negative thinking? Harness the power of your "Emotional Toolkit" to boost your emotional well-being and reduce your distress. Helpful tips and easy-to-follow steps you can immediately apply to take charge of your emotions and create more happiness in your life. (MORE)

Emotional Recovery After An Abortion
Candace De Puy, Ph.D. & Dana Dovitch, Ph.D.
Specific steps you can take to emotionally heal and deal with post-abortion issues.

Experiencing Your Greatness
Guest: Gary Quinn
So many of us have internalized erroneous beliefs that keep us stuck in thinking and living small. The truth is each one of us has our own unique purpose and reason for being here. It's time to get clear on what you want, put your desires into action, and live and love BIG.

Express Yourself
Jill Raiguel
Feelings are part of being human. Expressing them appropriately and regularly promotes both mental and physical health. Learn successful strategies for expressing anger constructively, letting go of suffering and creating more room for fun. (MORE)

Fierce Compassion
Guest: China Galland
You can make a difference in this world! Inspirational ways to transform helplessness and suffering into compassionate action that heals and empowers.

Getting Organized
Guest: Stephanie Winston
How many times have you felt totally overwhelmed because there was just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Learn fresh and unique strategies to help you 'get out from under', simplify your life and redefine your priorities.

Handling Change
Guests: Sarah & Paul Edwards
The six essential tools you'll need for navigating through the waters of change in your life. (MORE)

Healing Your Past
Guest: Harold Bloomfield, M.D.
It's time to break the shackles of shame, stop the slow acid drip of guilt and regret; resolve the lingering grief of your past losses. When you make peace with the past, you free your life energy to enjoy the present and built a more fulfilling future. (MORE)

How to Succeed
Guest: David Samuel
The key to success is to build it from the inside out. Learn life-changing insights and exercises which can help you discover and develop your true interests, overcome obstacles and manifest your goals.

Igniting Your Life
Guest: Raphael Cushnir
Do you tend to go through life feeling a little disconnected and numb? Disconnection and shutdown happens when there's an emotion that you're not feeling. Learn invigorating insights and wisdom for setting your heart on fire and reopening yourself to a love- infused life.

Keys to Success
Guest: Cherie Carter Scott, Ph.D.
Success is a process that begins within. The true essence of success lies in your personal sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Learn strategies that can help you move through your obstacles and turn your 'I wish' dreams into an 'I can!' reality. (MORE)

Lessons to be Learned
Guest: Cherie Carter-Scott Ph.D.
Every event that occurs in our lives has something to teach us about ourselves. As we recognize the intrinsic lesson we also find a concealed blessing. (MORE)

Letting Go
Guest: Guy Finley
"To what we are connected, is by what we are directed." We all have things we wish we weren't carrying around such as regrets, worries, resentments, and fears. These emotions and the thoughts that stimulate them, compromise our happiness and peace of mind. The process of letting go begins by taking notice of what we are holding onto and becoming an 'observer/investigator' rather than a 'justifier' of them. (MORE)

Love And Power
Guest: Lynn V. Andrews
Bridge the energies of your open heart and your creative life force as a path to Wholeness.

Meditation Made Real Easy
Guest: Lorin Roche, Ph.D.
Practicing meditation is like taking a mini-vacation. Tune in and find out how you can make the experience fun, easy and even sensuous. (MORE)

Money Matters
Guest: George Kinder
Create a relationship with money that is financially and spiritually rewarding. Tools which can help you have a true sense of ease around dollars and cents.

Real Power
Guest: Carol Adrienne , Ph.D.
Do you jump into intimacy too fast...crave recognition... people please....withhold love...??? Recognizing your patterns is the first step to regaining personal power.

Simply Relaxing
Guest: Fred Miller
How to calm down in almost any situation. Simple, practical, hands-on techniques you can immediately apply to relieve the stresses of life. (MORE)

Taking Charge of Your Life
Guest: Cheryl Richardson
Do you have time to do all the things you want to? Learn to identify and eliminate the things in life that drain you and replace them with what fuels you. ( MORE )

The Decision That Changes Your Life
Guest: Judith Wright
The life we live is a choice, and we build that life with every decision we make. Find out how making your ONE DECISION can lead you from a vaguely satisfying life to living a truly great one. (MORE)

The Eleventh Insight
Guest: James Redfield
OK all you "Celestine Phophecy" lovers the Eleventh Insight is HERE! Learn about the profound power we each carry and how to apply it to affect our lives and the world at large. (MORE)

The Roadmap to Forgiveness
Guest: Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.
Forgiveness is the willingness to let go of the hurtful past, our condemning judgments and grievances and instead choose inner peace. But where do we begin? Dr. Jampolsky addresses what forgiveness is, the health implications of being unforgiving and how to open the door to having more love in your life. (MORE)



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